from home to home

As a french student in South Korea, i often have to do a very long trip to visit my family. I decided to create a folding map that describes very precisely this long trip from my home in Seoul to my home in my hometown Le Havre. With people that would be interested in visiting my hometown from Seoul in mind, i created the map into two pages: one describing very precisely every steps of the trip in all its details, and the second one with both informations about what to see in Le Havre and what to see around the city. Both pages also comes with additional various useful informations about the trip. I used a simple grid design that follows the paths of the folds, and a colourful, playful and inviting colour scheme that fit and represents both countries well. Using the map design, I also created a mobile web version of it using basic HTML and CSS to be used as an offline guide while traveling.
Tools used:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
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