Neou thin waveform typeface

Being also a recording musician, I was always fascinated by waveforms and how they visually represent sound, from both volume and frequency response. I also found interesting how each letters in the alphabet visual characteristics, so i decided to combine both type and soundwave to visually see the sound characteristics of each letters of the alphabet individually. I recorded each letter with my voice, and used after effects to apply the soundwave into a character outline, then traced the end result on illustrator to make a unique typeface. For the presentation video, I used the song Session from Linkin Park because i remembered its chorus had in total 26 measures that would perfectly match with each letters of the alphabet. I used google voice on the video for its robotic sound to best match the music, and i also corrected the pitch and the mix so that the result would sound like an original song.
Tools used:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
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